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A Comment on Doctor's Illegible Handwriting! by Dr. Mitali S

Graphology says, illegible handwriting means person does not seems to be very genuine. In this case, many people ask then doctrs handwriting is like that only. In case of doctors I must tell, initially all doctrs handwirting is different rather legible, but when they start their journey of higher studies in medical science, to maintain the speed of learning, they need to think fast and write fast, and when their thinking speed is more than their writing speed, handwriting become like this, you can refer above image. Also we need to take this point in consideration, that if anyone have to write 1 word more than 1000 times in a day time, can you imagine what will happen to your handrwiting? And definitely as per Graphology to say that a particular person is not genuine only based on this trait would not be fair. We need to see lot of other handwriting aspects, before we can make any conclusions. Regards Dr. Mitali S PHD in Graphology Creator of Mitali's Method of Graphology Some Links Mitali's Graphology Academy App Graphology Foundation Course

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