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Dr. Mitali Sawant

Graphologists, Entrepreneur and mom

Hi, I am Dr. Mitali Sawant, I am an author and Graphologist and I can help you become a professional and a profitable graphologist, if you are inclined to becoming one. And I can also help you overcome your Wealth, Relationships and Health challenges as well using my Practical Graphology Method.
My Students lovingly call me India's No 1 Graphologist


Exciting news! As a valued member of our MGA community, I am thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity before anyone else gets access. I am about to launch my groundbreaking book, "Handwriting and Chakras," and I want YOU to be among the first to experience its transformative insights.

This book delves into the captivating connection between handwriting and chakras, revealing how your writing can unlock the hidden energies within you.

Discover how to tap into the power of your chakras and enhance your personal growth and well-being.

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Her Graphotherapy helped me to improve all areas of my life. Her strong handholding help me to work on my life challenges and I could literally changed my life the way I wanted. I m enjoying journey of Graphology.

Chayanika Dasgupta



Because of Graphology, I could find out my goals. Not only this I am feeling somewhere I got my soul purpose as well. My life has got completely transformed by her guidance. With her inspiration, I learned Graphology from her and am now ready to help people thru this fantastic knowledge.

Geeta Mistry


I have taken signature analysis and guided signature in the Month of November and after practicing for 90 days I got very positive results in social image and in my nature. For external images, you can feel the positive changes in 3 weeks.

So I recommend to everybody to think about signature analysis and guided signature.

Ravindra Gangwar


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